KitBash3D is always looking for skilled 3D modelers with a passion for building worlds and contributing to the art community. While we are not actively hiring for this role, we collect applications on an ongoing basis. If you're interested in working with us in the future, you can submit an application here to be added to our roster of qualified artists. When we have new projects to hire for, we'll reach out!

You’re a 3D modeler with a strong UV skillset, great design sensibility and the ability to translate 2D designs into beautiful 3D assets. This position is remote with flexible work hours and the ability to make your own schedule so long as you hit milestones and delivery deadlines. What matters to our team is your sense of excellence and integrity.


  • 3D modeling: Translate concept art into realistic 3D assets with clean geometry, efficient poly use and a high level of detail.
  • UV unwrapping: Unwrap the models you create to be non-overlapping, in a consistent texel density, and easy for texture artists to use.
  • Rendering: Render beautiful still images of the assets you create for visual approval and marketing use.
  • Scene handoffs: Prepare and break apart the assets you create in a logical manner, with standard naming conventions, and clean scene files.
  • Evolve the pipeline: Follow our current KitBash3D modeling guidelines and pipeline and contribute to ways we can make it better.


  • 2+ years of experience 3D modeling.
  • Ideally a proficiency with either 3DS Max, Maya, or Blender, but we will consider applicants using other 3D modeling software.
  • Portfolio of work demonstrating proficiency in 3D modeling, specifically for environments and props.
  • A comprehensive understanding of Non-Overlapping UVs for game-engines.
  • Ability to deliver clean, organized work, while still within our technical specifications.
  • A strong eye for design and a love for details.

Application Process:

While we are not actively hiring for this role, we collect applications on an ongoing basis. These applications are kept on file so that we can contact you when there is a new opening on our Kit Creation Team.

If a project comes up that is a good fit for your skill set, we may ask you to submit a 3D modeling test to evaluate your ability to our specifications and quality standards. The work submitted as part of this application will only be used for evaluation purposes.

About KitBash3D:

KitBash3D creates the world’s premium 3D asset kits filled with all the pieces needed to build worlds for video games, film, television, design, or art. We provide artists with completely customizable sets of 3D assets that serve as the building blocks to create original environments ranging from modern skyscrapers to neo-futuristic utopias to ancient temples. Our revolutionary assets are used by the biggest film studios (Disney, Fox, Marvel, HBO), and game studios (Ubisoft, EA, 2K, Tencent), plus thousands of independent artists and developers in more than 150 countries.

KitBash3D is committed to a diverse and inclusive workplace. KitBash3D is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, protected veteran status, disability, age, or other legally protected status. For individuals with disabilities who would like to request an accommodation, please include your request as part of the questionnaire in this application.